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How I prepare magazine images for offset printing

Images in a multi-page publication must be prepared to look good when printed. Typically, print shops have different requirements for offset printing, but the general principle of preparation is pretty much the same for all of them. I’ll give you an example of my work for Agroinvestor magazine so that the print shop accepts the layout for the first time and the images remain high quality.

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Pre-press in InDesign

Preparing a design correctly for printing is a time-consuming task. You need to check fonts, images, colours, and format, consider transparent elements, and adjust exports so that the print shop accepts the file for printing. Let me tell you what I do for the periodical Agroinvestor and how I do it.

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How to optimise work on a magazine

I recently told you how I completed a test assignment and got a job at a publishing house, and today I’m going to tell you about preparing my first issue of the magazine.

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Completed a test assignment for a publisher and got the job

I decided that the best way to understand the workings of periodicals was to look at the process from the inside, so since May, I have been working as a layout designer for a business magazine ((https://www.agroinvestor.ru Agroinvestor)). This is now my main activity, and the blog posts will focus on it. I will show and tell you how the processes of publishing a magazine are arranged, what is important in the layout and preparation of the publication for printing, and how to optimise your work from issue to issue.

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