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Process: logo of make-up artist Anna Rotar

Anna Rotar is a makeup artist and hair stylist in Odessa. I designed a logo and business card for Anna.

Together with Anna, we decided that the handwritten version is closer to her character. That’s what we started from.

I sketched the variants:

I converted some of them into vectors and chose the least “curly” one:

I look at the media:

I don’t like that all the letters are handwritten, but I like the shapes of the letters A and R. I decided to keep them and type the rest:

The logo has become more serious, just right for the sound of the surname. Try pronouncing Rotar. It growls and sounds hard, but at the same time, the soft sign softens the growl. I keep working. I want to connect the horizontal stroke A and semi-oval R and turn the serifs nn into tails, like the letter a. I’m trying it, let’s see:

Yes. That’s how we got integrity. I connect the logo with Anna’s activity: the letter A fulfils the role of a pencil with a trace from it:

I show the client a preliminary version:

Photo from the web for an example

I got approval — Anna likes the logo. I work further. I lighten the bold lines A and R, slightly shorten the vertical stroke R and remove the tail of the letter A.

The stage of letter drawing has come. I mark the main problems that need to be corrected:

Aligning parallels, bringing all similar semicircular tails to the same size:

Correcting the arc from R to the leg:

Looking in black:

I don’t like the junction of the half-oval of R and its leg:


Now it’s the turn of the pencil mark. Softening it:

Looking in the logo:

I’m also correcting it so that it doesn’t protrude too much above the letter A:

Looking at:

I make a variant of the logo from the initials:

Done! I’m going to start with business cards. For them, I refined the pencil trace:

The silhouette of a face appears inside.

I reflect the silhouette vertically:

I put the business card layout together and send it to the client:

Anna accepts the job.

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