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Designing label cover artwork series using AI: my step-by-step experience

In this blog post, I’ll share my experience using AI image generators to create release cover artwork for JOOF Recordings, a UK record label run by John 00 Fleming. The initial covers were hand-drawn by an illustrator, which was time-consuming and expensive. So, I proposed using AI as a cost-effective and quicker alternative.

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The process of creating a logo for the music project JOOF

John Fleming is an electronic music pioneer, DJ, producer, radio host and label owner of JOOF Recordings. In a career spanning over twenty years, John has reached unimaginable heights and is widely recognised as an engine of progress and one of the most respected artists in the underground music scene.

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How I made the logo for the music label JOOF Mantra

Mantra is the new division of JOOF Recordings, a record label founded in Brighton in 1998. Under the new brand, the label will publish progressive electronic music in the Progressive and Psytrance genres.

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