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Design psytranceguide.ru

Musician Daniel Lesden came up with an idea to make a little psytrance music guide and asked for help with the design. I did!

Psytrance Guide is a site with overviews of the main sub-styles of psytrance. There you can read about each style, listen to examples, and learn typical tempo. It’s an educational and entertaining resource.

Since this site is a single page and assumes identical blocks, I sketched out the design partially and finalised it in the course of the layout. The work was done in one breath, even did not have time to save the evolution of design :-)

For the headlines, I found a cool techno font, it fits perfectly into the atmosphere, and I matched the font of the main text to it. Look at them:

The large factoid indicates the tempo, which allows you to quickly orientate and find the right style

The colours are dark, but with bright saturated headlines, which fits perfectly into the world of psytrance.

The site is adapted for mobile devices as well:

Members of the project

Tanya Sokolovskaya
Daniel Sokolovskiy
 4   2017   Daniel Lesden   Websites