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Logo for musician Psytellite

Psytellite is a musician and DJ. His creative pseudonym is formed from two English words: “Psy” (Psychedelic Trance music) and “satellite”. Designed for him a logo symbolising the flight of a satellite over the planet’s orbit.

About the Process

These were the first variations to appear:

But the client didn’t like them, so he asked me to pay special attention to the font. I continued the work:

Liked the option with the satellite above the sphere. Continued working on this variant:

Looking for a suitable font solution:

Like the first option, we decided to refine it.

The most difficult part was working on the sphere with the letter Y. I’m sending you the work in progress:

The client asks to try to correct the Y according to his sketch:

Sending him variants with explanations:

In the first variant, the arc is flat (from the circle), and you can draw a Y from it, but then you get a big distance between the arc and the letters.

In the second variant, I lowered the arc below, and deformed it to reduce the distance, together with the arc deformed and Y and the letter T became quite cramped.

In the third case, I left the arc at the desired height but raised a little leg Y, it is now at the base became more straight, allowing me to breathe T, but at the same time lost the circumference, although it also lost in the second case, there is formed an oval, and in the third variant is already a “baton”.

As variant four, it would be possible to glue Y above the centre of the sphere, then keep its circumference, and the distance between it and the letters is not so big. But in this case, Y becomes under a strong inclination, unlike the rest of the letters, and there is a hole between it and T, and psy is separated from tellite.

I’m sending out a few more variations for comparison:

The client decided to stop at the first one and sketched another sketch with wishes:

I’m finalising the logo with the wishes and putting together a guideline.

A spread from the guidelines about colour and logo
A spread about the rules of using the logo
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