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The process of creating a logo for a coach

Logo for personal and business coach Rodion Kopyal. At the beginning of the work, Rodion voiced his associative wishes for the future logo: growth, support, development, aspiration, finding a way, breakthrough, search for oneself, purpose, and spirituality. That’s why I started the development of the logo with a tree of associations.

As a result of my search, I got hold of a few basic concepts — tree, obstacle, development, harmony, friend and support. And on their basis, I started sketches.

I chose the concept of a tree with roots from the resulting variants and translated it into vector format.

The sign went through six stages of transformation:

  • in the first stage I used a pendulum instead of a tree trunk, which indicates the way through rocks, i.e. obstacles;
  • added a handshake in the role of friendship and support to the rocks;
  • realised that the petals didn’t fit in that way, so I gave them the shape of splinters and the tree the traditional look;
  • corrected the roots of the tree;
  • at the client’s request, I gave the petals the shape of jigsaw puzzles;
  • together we gave up puzzles and went back to splinter petals, but rounded them to make them look friendlier.

Logo transformation

The result is a sign that combines everything we wanted to show: a tree as a symbol of growth and development; rocks as obstacles; a handshake — help and cooperation. We then picked a colour scheme for the sign and added the client’s name.

The text part of the logo is in Russian and Hebrew, as Rodion works in Israel.

The rules and recommendations for using the logo are collected in a guideline:

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